The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of a Memorable Election Campaign

It’s over.  Finally!  I enjoy the theater of politics (and am fully aware that it is nothing but theater) but this was like watching Warhol’s movie “Empire” (a single eight hour shot of the Empire State building) without taking a pee break.

The Good

In every election there is fraud, chicanery and a bit of honest error on both sides.  The size of the landslide means none of that matters.  The Democrats incessant whining about Al Gore’s Florida votes was more annoying Fran Drescher singing opera.  At least we won’t have to put up with “stolen election” claims any longer.

Anyone who still claims America is a Racist Nation (you can hear the capital letters when they say it) can be laughed at.  Yes, there are still racists out there, and there always will be.  (Human beings, after all, are tribal creatures.)  But the concept that the nation, as a whole, is racist has been put to rest.  Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson may have to find honest work.

Uber-nanny Ralph Nader has been thoroughly bitch slapped.  No one paid any attention to him.  When he visited Dartmouth only 40 people showed up, and less than ten of them were Dartmouth students.

We’ll finally get out of Iraq, the stupidest blunder in America’s history.

No more George W. Bush!  George will go down in history as the worst president, ever.  Worse than Jimmy Carter.  Worse than FDR.  Worse than anyone in our entire history.  Good riddance to horrible, stinky, downright evil rubbish.

The Bad

There is no evidence that it has ever even occurred to Obama that government is usually the problem, not the solution.  The answer to every failure in society is a government program, and when it inevitably fails or makes the problem worse, the solution to that is making the program bigger or creating yet another program.

The ideal situation in Washington is having someone from one party in the White House and another in Congress.  This provides at least a bit of a slowdown government growth. With socialists in both places we can expect more and more big huge monstrous government, although it’s hard to imagine anyone growing it more than Bush did.  My guess is they will view that as a challenge, and exceed expectations.

The Ugly

California’s Proposition 8 passed, writing discrimination against gays into the state’s constitution.  This proves that direct democracy is a rotten way to run government.  It also supports my theory that 90% of the problems in the world are caused by people minding other people’s business.  Gay marriage had no effect on anyone who voted against it.  It’s rather disgusting that a majority of people, a small majority, but a majority none-the-less, decided to institutionalize discrimination against people for doing something they consider icky.

Obama said, clearly and without hesitation, that he wants to “spread the wealth.”  In other words, redistribute income.  Successful, hard working people will be forced to share a disproportionate amount of their income with those who couldn’t bother to be successful themselves.  Perhaps we should start calling each other “comrade.”

We are facing massive deficits.  Not only is the current deficit crippling, but Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security represent trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities.  The government will have no choice but to increase the money supply, which will lead to rampant inflation.

Socialized medicine is on its way.  As P. J. O’Rourke says, “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free.”  This will accelerate the bankruptcy of the country, and we can expect health care to gradually deteriorate to the abysmal level now found in VA hospitals.

Obama’s poor understanding of economics, coupled with his love of big government, coupled with our current massive debt, coupled with our enormous future liabilities, means that we are thoroughly and deeply screwed.  Like FDR, he and his buddies in congress will make the problem even more dire, and every one of us will be the victims of everything they do “for our own good.”


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