The People Who Voted For Trump

Hillary lost the electoral college, which is the only thing that matters, but won the popular vote by a mere .3%. Against a buffoon like Trump. With the nearly all of the media on her side. With her party squeezing out a more popular candidate to hand her the nomination. With the payoffs (bribes in advance) she received from every sector of big business. Point. Three. Percent. That’s pathetic. That’s a rounding error.

Hillary’s almost daily scandals from Wikileaks, which her supporters shrugged off, proved over and over again that she is a duplicitous weasel. Obamacare, which she promised to expand, is a massive failure, and more huge rate increases, on top of the last huge rate increases, and the huge rate increases before that, left people scared and angry. Her stance on gun control inspired RTKABA fans to stockpile guns and ammo, and imagine that The Government was going to strip them of one of their most important rights. Her plan to finance a massive influx of fundamentalist Muslims terrified anyone who is watching how they’re behaving in Europe right now.

But there is another reason, perhaps the biggest reason of all, that people voted for Trump (as opposed to merely voting against Hillary.)

The far left has spent the last several years smugly insisting that everyone who disagrees with them is a racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant, misogynistic Nazi. They’ve used “white” as a racial slur and “cisgendered” as an insult.

This is especially prevalent in social media. If you politely say, “Here are three reasons I think this particular Obama policy is a bad idea,” there is an approximately 100% chance someone will reply, “You just don’t like having a black president.” If you say, “I agree with about 80% of what you’re proposing, but here is why I think you’re wrong about the rest,” you can be certain someone will inform you that your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re white or straight or male.

It’s even worse in the 3D world, where they literally scream and screech to drown out anyone they don’t like, and get people fired for perfectly innocent comments.

These approaches aren’t meant to enlighten or convince anyone, but to shut down the conversation. And it works. There are only a few ways to handle such creatures. You can insult them, you can ridicule them, or you can flip them off and walk away.

And a substantial percentage of the people on the receiving end of such vitriol kept their middle finger extended, walked into to voting booth with it still raised, and used it to pull down the lever* for the Howler Monkey.

The screechers on the left, in their infinite ignorance, haven’t figured this out yet, and instead of taking a deep breath and trying to figure what they did wrong, have *raised* the volume of their screeching by an order of magnitude.

My personal opinion of Trump voters is based solely on many conversations with friends and acquaintances who actually like The Orange One. None of them are anything like the stereotype painted by the far left.

Racist: Not a single one. I don’t hang out with racists.
Homophobic: Nope. Not one.
Misogynist: Again, not a single one. Many of them are women.
Anti-immigration: Most of them, although they’ll mostly upset about illegal immigration.
Anti-free trade: Most of them.
Anti-Obamacare: Every one of them.
Anti-abortion: Most of them.
War Mongers: Some of them. I’d say it’s about 60-40 split between those who want to ramp up our wars and those who want to bring everyone home and just worry about our own borders.
People who think Snowden and Assange are heroes: All of them.
People who dislike government in general: Nearly all of them.
Hard working people who are disgusted with the status quo in government: Every single one of them.
Low Information Voters: None of them. Every Trump fan I know is well-informed about politics, history, and a plethora of other subjects. I often strongly disagree with their conclusions, but I know they didn’t reach them via ignorance.

Your experience may be different, especially if you’re a lefty who has built themselves a nice little echo chamber of Big Brother fanboys who join you in condemning anyone with the impertinence to have a different opinion, and has never actually had a beer or smoked a cigar with a Trump supporter.

I despise Trump. And Hillary. Both are deeply horrible people, but that doesn’t mean the people who voted for either of them are horrible. They’re just people, and with a few exceptions (like the screechers) are good and decent people. They are desperate to Make Things Better and are under the mistaken impression that The Government can accomplish that. That is their biggest error in judgment.

If you’re a lefty who is going to keep spewing your stupid, uninformed opinion that Trump supporters are all bigoted, ignorant rednecks, get away from me. Go somewhere else and stew in your own juices, someplace out of earshot, because I’m tired your smug superiority and hateful bigotry, which dwarfs the bigotry you imagine pervades the minds of Trump fans.

And stop by CVS and pick up a four-year supply of Preparation H. I hear that helps with butthurt.

– – –
*Yes, I know there are no levers any more. I miss those old machines. They gave a nice click when you flicked a lever up or down, and a loud, satisfying Ka-Chunk when you pulled the big lever over to finalize your vote and open the curtain. They were solid and substantial, and made you feel like you were doing something worthwhile. You weren’t, but at least it felt like you were.

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  1. The only fault that I can place on Trump voters is that they didn’t vote for Johnson instead. This country needed an enema, and I think we’re about to get it…. Vinegar just seems a little old fashioned to me.

    Kama Kairade | Nov 12, 2016 | Reply

  2. Do I love trump no, do I agree with trump 100% no!

    Trump is already showing he may well be a social rino and fiscal conservative but we wait to see!

    Already he is maybe caving on parts of ZeroCare and noe is appointing a dept head for the worthless dept of educstion.

    He has promised to gut the EPA and hoping he cuts ties with the UN we will see

    Danielhammond | Nov 12, 2016 | Reply

  3. I would like to point out, for those who are disgusted with/protesting the electoral college, Bill Clinton did not win the popular vote either, and it wasn’t NEARLY as close as this one. Bill was only pres due to EC, and IMO, Hillary would never have had any shot at the white house if her hubby hadn’t been there first. The Founding Fathers wisely instituted the EC to prevent a few huge population states from dominating and running the entire country. The thought that without the EC, our entire country would be run by the People’s Republics of CA, NY, and IL is a nightmare I don’t even want to think about. THREE CHEERS for the EC. And, I will also bet that the number of illegals who voted illegally, all the Chicago dead people who we all know always manage to vote, and all the other forms of cheating would WAY more than make up for 0.3%.

    Lynda Farley | Nov 17, 2016 | Reply

  4. My experience with Trump voters is a mixed bag. To cover the extremes, I’ll talk about two:

    My father in law voted Trump, and I’ll make no bones about it: he’s racist. Not the leftist version of racist which includes offenses such as objecting to something a woman/minority says, but one of those really real racists they tell you about. He’s not donning white sheets or anything, but it’s casual racism. He likes to make fun of my “Jap” car (it’s a Toyota, and he bristles when I point out more American hands went into making my car than most Fords), and just yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner (we had it early for scheduling reasons), he joked that if we run out of milk, we can just go get some from our Hispanic neighbors’ goat (nobody in my neighborhood owns a goat).

    My best friend (besides my wife, of course) is a woman who I was JW with back when we were teenagers, lost touch for a while, and then started hanging out again years later after we had both left that nonsense. She didn’t like Trump, but voted for him because she saw him as a less horrible alternative to Clinton. She is the most NON racist and non-homophobic person you’ll ever meet. She painted her neighbor’s garage wall (that faces her property) rainbow-colored and hung a rainbow flag on her porch when the SCOTUS made gay marriage legal in all 50 states. She’s not afraid of Trump and his effect on things like gay marriage because she believes that social issues work themselves out (an opinion I find naive, but whatever) and that we should always vote for economic reasons (again, I disagree, but we debate, are civil about it, and are still very close friends).

    Personally, I’m not as worried about Trump (no way this guy is a religious nut job, nobody who has ever been to church says “Two Corinthians”) as I am about the people he’s surrounding himself with.

    That said, my father-in-law really upset me. Not for the reasons you might be thinking, though. Well, partially. I do hate racism, REAL racism that is. But the other reason it bothered me was because I have been hearing nothing but Trump supporters gloat and Clinton supporters whine and proclaim doom like Chicken Little for the past few weeks and I. Am. Fucking. SICK. Of. It. The day after the election, I unfollowed and defriended multiple people–BOTH Trump gloaters AND Clinton whiners–before I just said “fuck it” and deactivated my account. Whining does absolutely NOTHING. Rioting and protesting will change NOTHING.

    And to the Trump supporters who are gloating and bullying Clinton supporters right now: have you learned nothing? What got Trump elected? The silent majority of people who were sick of being accused of racism, sexism, and bigotry because they objected to Obamacare or questioned the idea that there are 37 genders. And now, that contingent of Trump supporters is turning around and doing the SAME thing. They’re learning ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They should have learned that you can’t bully people into agreeing with you. Sure, you might get them to shut up, you might get them to even agree with you publicly, but when they get into that voting booth, they’ll be ALONE and completely free to say how they REALLY feel, because in the voting booth there’s no bullying, no judgement, no one looking over your shoulder. You can vote for whoever and whatever you want and there’s NOTHING anyone can say or do about it and that is a POWERFUL thing. If you want your candidate to succeed in uniting the country again, you’re going to have to do your part and meeting the more sensible people on the left halfway and at least listening to what they have to say. It’s been hard for both sides to really speak to each other because there is so much tribalism and so much mud-slinging on BOTH sides.

    People like me are just tired. We’ve had this election rubbed in our faces for the last 18 months. We’re tired. We’re ready for it to be OVER. We’re ready to MOVE ON and look to the future, but the extremists on either side aren’t letting this go. So fuck them. I will say this to Trump supporters: your guy BETTER deliver. People don’t cross party lines lightly. All those votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, those were probationary votes, at best. Life better get a HELL of a lot better in the Rust Belt and we sure as HELL better not have another congress that spends all it’s time bickering about gay marriage and abortion instead of, you know, doing anybody any good.

    I hated both candidates. I’d be a classic Clinton voter, but all the corruption, the shadiness, the fact that she supported SO MANY things I was against: TPP, Patriot Act, the Iraq War. And Trump. My problem with Trump, aside from the awful comments and crass behavior, was the fact that he is a codependent weakling. He NEEDS people to like him, and if they don’t, if he receives just ONE ounce of criticism, he completely derails from the mission. He loses his place. As pathetic it was for Hillary Clinton to only beat Trump by .3 percent of the popular vote, it is equally as pathetic for Trump to not be able to get the popular vote. EVERY Republican candidate polled better than he did against Clinton. Every. One. Hillary Clinton, the most undesirable, unpopular, uninspiring Democratic candidate since Walter Mondale. Even John Kasich would have handed her her ass. He went up against her and HAD TROUBLE. Look how easy it was for Clinton to derail him in those debates. I don’t have high hopes for when Trump goes to use his “legendary” negotiating powers on foreign leaders, who, trust me, won’t bother coddling his ego like he demands from everyone. A good leader is the kind of person who doesn’t care what other people think about him, or at the very least, can function and perform his duties if he knows there is someone in the world who doesn’t like him. Trump can’t even do that.

    So, that’s why I voted Libertarian for the first time in my life. Gary Johnson was the only choice I could make on that ballot and leave the polling place with a clean conscience. I knew he would lose, but at least I voted for someone I wanted, not the least worst option.

    Brian | Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

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