Time to Screw Smokers Again

New York State, faced with a five billon dollar deficit, are turning to their favorite whipping boy: Smokers. After making it illegal to have a smoke in a bar, driving people outside in the weather, and going so far as to make it illegal for business owners to provide any kind of shelter for smokers (even something as simple as an awning) they’re looking to screw smokers even more to finance their nanny state.

If enacted this would give NYS the highest cigarette taxes in the nation. According to this article about a third of NYS smokers take steps to avoid being screwed by buying under taxed cigarettes. This Cato study puts the number at 50%. Nicotine nannies scream that this “costs taxpayers X dollars,” which is complete bullshit. These people are merely keeping a bit more of their own money, money the state has no right to.

The idiots in the NYS legislature have no understanding of basic economics, which runs on incentives. When taxes are low, people have little incentive to evade them. Each time they go up another block of citizens decides to do something about it, personally. They should not be considered criminals. They should be considered patriots.

The Boston Tea party was held over a three percent tax. Three percent. Their act of vandalism is widely considered as patriotic. Today’s smokers are paying taxes of hundreds of percent, and it is truly taxation without representation. (When was the last time any legislator, at any level in the government, did something for smokers?) This article, which I wrote in 2000 about a previous tax hike, suggests we have another tea party – and toss our useless, self serving legislators into the Hudson River. It would, of course, increase the pollution, but it would be well worth it.

Barring that, buy illegally. It’s patriotic.

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  1. I used to smoke but the USSNJ taxed me out of it. Now, I was a smoker for many years but I was never really addicted so it was no real problem for me to stop but I really did enjoy having a cigarette. One of the only few times I smoke now is on the Great American Smoke out day and special occasions. I just refuse to pay the tax and I am not willing to risk being fined if and when the USSNJ figures out I have been buying illegally. I also don’t want to fund this stupid kids health care crap. In the end I will have to pay for it anyway when the cigarette tax can’t support it anymore, but until then I won’t be forced to pay for it.
    I still can’t figure out why this hasn’t been fought out in court yet. I am sure there is something wrong or illegal with taxing something more than it is really worth in the first place.
    If retail price for a pack of cigarettes is say $2.50 how does the state get away with taxing it 200% in the first place.

    Tom | Apr 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Without the various state and federal taxes on cigarettes, retail prices of a pack of premium brand cigarettes would likely be around $2, while generics would be $1 or even less.

    This truly is sucking people dry, especially poorer people, who are more likely to be smokers.

    Michael Hampton | Apr 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. how? because the criminal corporate politicians can steal everything, and have.,

    John | Mar 13, 2009 | Reply

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