Timothy Wolfe – The Wimpiest Man In The World

The left loves destroying  the careers of anyone who dares to disagree with them. At first they destroyed people who actually said offensive things. From there they moved on to destroying people who said things that could be taken more than one way. And now they’ve destroyed the career of someone for not doing . . .something. His accusers never really said what they wanted him to do, but he didn’t do it, so they destroyed him. But in this case, a great deal of fault lies with the victim. He could have taken a stand, been bold, and taken the first step to reverse the tide of this kind of nonsense. Instead, he quit.

Timothy M. Wolfe was the president of The University of Missouri. He had been brought in to put their financial house in order, which is never a prescription for popularity.

This year, there were unproven allegations that two of the 35,000 students at the school heard slurs hurled in their direction, and recently someone used feces to smear a swastika on a wall. This, according to the PC crowd that infests the campus, was somehow Tim’s fault. Although a student believed responsible for one of these offenses was removed from the campus, that wasn’t good enough for the mob. They wanted to see Wolfe destroyed.

Jonathan Butler, a graduate student, went on a hunger strike, the adult equivalent of a toddler holding his breath until he turns blue. In his hyperbolic announcement he said, “During this hunger strike, I will not consume any food or nutritional sustenance at the expense of my health until either Tim Wolfe is removed from office or my internal organs fail and my life is lost.”

The football team had a big game coming up on Saturday. They announced they were on strike, knowing that a forfeited game would cost the school a one million dollar fine.

And so Mr. Wolfe bravely ran away. Turned and ran away, away. He gave into Buttler’s tantrum and the athlete’s threats, teaching all the students a valuable lesson: you can achieve unjust goals by acting like children.

What he should have done was hold a press conference and made the following speech:

I have come here to apologize for many things.  

I am very sorry that somewhere on this campus there is a vile creature who drew that swastika. We’re working on finding out who it is, and when we do, we will boot them from the school immediately. We may even use an actual boot. 

I am also very sorry to discover so many of our students are delicate snowflakes who freak out at every insult or offense, most of them imaginary. If you don’t like it here, please leave. We’ll even call Uber for you. Just get out. No one will miss you. 

Mr. Butler, I’m sorry that you think your tantrum will change my mind. By all means, starve yourself to death. Please send me the address of your funeral home, and I’ll send a bouquet. A very, very small bouquet of the cheapest flowers I can find at WalMart. Or, you can grow up. Your choice. 

And finally, I am extremely sorry that we’ve given athletic scholarships to football players who are idiots and pussies. I don’t expect athletes to be smart, but I do expect them to be tough.

There is a game on Saturday. Anyone with an athletic scholarship had better be there, suited up and ready to play. If you’re not, have your stuff packed and be off campus by midnight. If you’re still here on Sunday, you will be arrested for trespassing.

I’ve had enough of this crap from all of you. You’re supposed to be young adults, not petulant toddlers. If any part of reality is too unpleasant for you to handle, get your tender butt-hurt butts off my campus and make room for grown-ups who want an education.”

He would have won the respect and admiration of thinking people worldwide. He would have become part of history, remembered as the man who finally pushed back against our moronic tide of political correctness. His name would have become a verb; stomping down a PC foe would have been known as “going Tim Wolfe on him.”

Instead, he chose to be The Wimpiest Man In The World.

He won’t go down in history as the Wimpiest Man, because nobody goes down in history for being a wimp. History forgets wimps. Eventually, inevitably, some university president will stand up and push-back against this nonsense. Mr. Wolfe, however, will be forgotten, as he should be.

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  1. Behind closed doors:

    Tim: How much money will the college lose this month if I stay?
    Other guy: Roughly 2 million dollars.
    Tim: Can I have a 1 million dollar severance and leave tomorrow?
    Other guy: Done
    Tim: Cool

    (the sound of champagne popping and robot dancing)

    Kama Kairade | Nov 14, 2015 | Reply

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