You Can Help Stop the Next SOPA

We stopped SOPA/PIPA, a bill that would have broken the internet, with a huge effort that included shutting down major sites and minor ones (like this one), creating an uproar that congress was afraid to ignore. But we know it was only a temporary victory and some new version if it will be back with a new name, probably with even more onerous restrictions. And if we beat that one, there will be another, and another, and another, until it becomes law.

TestPac was formed on Reddit to make the victory permanent by sending a message to every member of congress: Screw with the internet and you will lose your cushy job.

Here’s the plan, and how you can be an important part of it.

Larmar the Weasel

Help Wipe That Smarmy Smile Off His Face

Lamar Smith was the author and primary cheerleader of SOPA. He’s been in congress since 1983. If wins the Republican primary he’ll almost certainly get his seat back for yet another term. TestPac’s goal is to defeat him in the primary. He’s running against two other people. TestPac isn’t endorsing either of them, we’re just working on defeating Lamar.

Imagine the reaction of the rest of congress if we succeed. This powerful member of congress, thought to be a permanent fixture, gets smacked to the pavement by people from all over the country working to defeat him because he tried to screw with the internet. It will chill every congress weasel to the bone. It will make their blackened shriveled little hearts quiver in fear. It would send shivers up their spines if they had any. Whenever one of them proposes something that messes with the internet they will be quietly reminded by their fellow weasels, “Remember what the internet did to Lamar.”

We’ve only got a couple of weeks until the primary, and this kind of thing takes money. Lots of money. Got lots of money? Me neither. But you’ve got some money you can afford to donate. You spend around $50 a month for internet access. Spend another $15 or $25, just once, to keep it open and free. If you honestly can’t afford that, give $10, or even $5.

You don’t get many chances to exercise this kind of leverage. If we can defeat this one guy, just this one, it will send ripples, hell it will send a tsunami, through congress. Be a part of it. Don’t think about it, don’t hem and haw and intend to do it when you get around to it and forget it until it’s too late. Do it now. Right now. Right here.


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