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Totally Safe Airlines »

The latest terrorist attempt to bring down a plane proves, beyond any doubt, that the TSA’s security theater is useless.  This guy was already on their watch list but that didn’t even slow him down.  (The watch list has, however, caused a lot of perfectly innocent people, including infants, from getting on a plane, because […]


Bad Santa »

Just in time for Christmas, the British Medical Journal is featuring an article blaming Santa for obesity, speeding, drunk driving, extreme sports, smoking and reckless behavior. Dr Nathan “Grinch” Grills wants to rework Santa into a politically correct image, right down to wearing a helmet and seat belt. Using a variation of the nannies second […]


Gimmie Some Money »

The Copenhagen summit on global cooling global warming climate change is barely started, and already impoverished nations are demanding handouts. Environment Minister Hasan Mahmud of Bangladesh says his country is entitled to a cubic buttload of money from the big nasty countries who arrogantly built successful societies while his government kept their citizens living in […]


Some Things Are Universal »

Bobby McFarrin demonstrates that the pentatonic scale is a universal constant.


New Quick Hitts Podcast – Ask Dave »

The newest Quick Hitts Podcast, “Ask Dave,” is now available for your listening pleasure.  It explains how people can believe the earth is 6,000 years old, why parents should buy red washcloths, and things to consider before naming your baby “Thor.”


Smokescreens »

A couple of weeks ago Rich White sent me an electronic copy of his book “Smokescreens, The Truth About Tobacco.”  It’s clear and well written and he provides a good explanation of anti-tobacco research, including not only the science, but the politics behind it.  I especially liked his chapters on second hand smoke. You can […]