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How to Do a News Clip »

Hat Tip: Hayden Black of the very funny Goodnight Burbank.


Lefty Lamentations »

This has been a very bad week for the left.  They’ve received bitch slaps from three different directions, but only one of them will have any lasting impact. The Democrats lost Ted Kennedy’s senate seat in one of the nation’s most liberal states, a state that already has its own version of Obamacare. (Which has […]


Ready for Black Market Butter? »

Back in 1978 F. Paul Wilson wrote Lippidleggin’, a short story about a farmer bootlegging butter and eggs, which had been banned to improve everyone’s health.  I’m guessing that back then most people thought it was entertaining, but silly. Back in 2007, with the author’s permission, I did a reading of the story for an […]


Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses For Haiti »

Jehovah’s Witnesses are actively discouraged (virtually forbidden) from contributing to relief organizations in response to disasters.  On Friday afternoon someone on the Jehovah’s Witnesses Recovery Forum suggested setting up a site to encourage ex-JWs to donate to Haitian relief funds.  Friday night several of us had a conference call to plan out the details.  Now, […]


Your Wi-Fi is Making Me Sick »

Few things can make life as miserable as idiot neighbors.  Imagine someone next door demanding you give up your cell phone and wi-fi because he’s allergic to electromagnetic radiation. If you life in Santa Fe, you don’t have to imagine it.  Arthur Firstenberg is demanding his neighbors turn off everything to cater to his imaginary […]


Things Atheists Didn’t Do in 2009 – Part 1 »

I’ve got a lot of 2009 links left over for the ever-popular Things Atheists Didn’t Do series.  Here’s the first half of the list.    (You can find other TADD here.) This one is actually from 2008.  (I have so many of these things saved sometimes they  get lost.)  Three Christian parents murdered their children by […]