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The Best Way to Deal With Homeopaths »

…is to make fun of them. Or, perhaps, put them in a sack and hit them with sticks.


How To Fire State Workers »

New York State, whose government has been completely dysfunctional for the past half-century, is looking to shrink its huge state work force.  Too few workers have taken an offer of early retirement, so the state is planning on laying off at least 2,000 of them.  That sounds like a lot until you discover they have […]


The Race Card »

The debate is going well for you.  Your opponent is from the far left, so it’s pretty easy to counter all his canned talking points.  As you back him further into a corner he fires back, “Obviously, you don’t like brown people.”  Bam!  He’s trying to shut you down with the left’s favorite weapon: The […]


Burning Issue »

It’s time to put the blame for the threatened Quran burning squarely where it belongs: on the media. The “pastor” at the center of this nonsense has a congregation of about 50 people.  No one had paid much attention to him before this, although there is documentation proving he’s a worthless whack job.  The appropriate […]


Things I’ve Learned From Old People »

I’m not quite ready to admit to being old, but I can see it on the horizon, getting closer with each passing birthday.  The signs are unmistakable – I’m stiffer and slower than before (and I was never very speedy in the first place).  I’ve caught myself making old man noises when I sit down.  […]