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Banana Man »

Banana Man It’s nine AM on a Sunday The regular crowd shuffles in With their bibles in hand they fill up the stands I wish the girls showed some more skin They say Kirk can you tell me a fairy tale On TV and blogs and YouTube Say something cute about tropical fruit And prove […]


Happy Easter »

Our improv troupe always spent a fair amount of time and effort designing and distributing posters, despite the fact that they increased show attendance by approximatly none. Here’s one we did when for a show just before Easter.   (Click to see it full size)   Artwork: Harold Gosling


I Wish Them an Eternity of Torture »

When someone truly evil dies it’s disappointing to know hell isn’t real. It would be satisfying to believe people like Saddam Hussein and Jerry Falwell are being roasted and tortured for eternity. Alas, there is no evidence for that. But I believe there is a chance, just a slight one, that the universe can react […]