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Beware of Sparlock »

It usually requires some time and research to determine the crazy/evil level of any particular cult, and most people don’t care enough to put in the effort. Fortunately, Jehovah’s Witnesses just made it a lot easier to assess their crazy/evil level with the release of two cheesy videos designed to indoctrinate their children. They both […]


Wasted Votes »

We’re going to take a vote on what we’ll have for dinner. Your first choice is a giant, steaming plate of dog turds. Your second choice is a different giant steaming plate of dog turds. As Americans, you are encouraged to debate before voting. You can point out that one stack leans a bit more […]


Manufacturing Controversy »

Yesterday the local newspaper, The Times Union, printed my letter to the editor. They subjected it to some slightly clumsy editing. They mucked up a couple sentences, added a pair of spurious quotation marks and changed my signature “for the childreeeeeeeen” phrase to the less interesting “for the children.” But they didn’t alter the essence […]


You Can Help Stop the Next SOPA »

We stopped SOPA/PIPA, a bill that would have broken the internet, with a huge effort that included shutting down major sites and minor ones (like this one), creating an uproar that congress was afraid to ignore. But we know it was only a temporary victory and some new version if it will be back with […]


Oh come ON »

Recently, when replying to a comment here, I was presented with this reCAPTCHA.


Non-Religious People Are More Compassionate Than Religious People. Right? »

We all like to believe our group is better than their group, and atheists and skeptics are not immune, so this article, which claims that religious people are less compassionate than the non-religious,  didn’t surprise me.  Read it and see how many times your Bullshit Meter goes off. Done? If you’d like to continue testing your meter here’s a more thorough and slightly less […]