Cure for Fat Asses – Tax TV and Video Games

New Mexico legislator Gail Chasey, evidently attempting to prove she can be as dim-witted as any Mississippi legislator, has teamed up with the Sierra Club to propose a tax on TVs and Video games. The money would be used to fight childhood obesity and improve education. If the people behind this proposal were educated in New Mexico, one could argue that education improvement is sorely needed.

After writing that paragraph I Googled her. She lists her occupation as “Retired Educator.” I rest my case.

I’ve always felt that for the first year of any new law, it should only apply to those who voted for it or advocated for it. If that were the case, I’d support this one. Imagine the results.

First we’d hire personal trainers to visit the offices of the legislators and the Sierra Club. They’d weigh and measure all of them, and using the ridiculously inaccurate BMI determine who was obese. Anyone who was would be locked out of their office and moved to the nearest public park, where they would be forced spend eight hours a day doing sit ups, pull ups, push ups, throw ups, fall downs, and any other calisthenics that would amuse bystanders. Weather wouldn’t be allowed as an excuse – they’d exercise in the sun, the rain, the snow (do they get snow in New Mexico?) until they achieve the officially sanctioned BMI.

They’ll have 30 days to reach their goal. If they do, great, they can go back to work and resume pretending to do whatever it is they pretend to do. If not, they’ll be fired. And when they get home they’ll find the fun police were there first, and have removed every TV, DVD, Video Game and computer from their premises.

BTW, here’s her contact information. Feel free to drop her a line about her brilliant plan.

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  1. It’s basically a sin tax because they figure video games are a detriment to society and society needs to be compensated. I guess you’re all to familiar with that as a smoking advocate.

    Just like when they put taxes on writable media in order to compensate the music industry – ridiculous!

    What’s next? More taxes on the most violent video games to compensate the police department for dealing with the “deranged maniacs these games spawn!”?

    Doesn’t anybody even consider that when you tax products that you disagree with, that then provides the government with an actual incentive to keep that industry going as strongly as possible?

    Parrot | Feb 3, 2008 | Reply

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