Bend Over, Pipe Smokers

Throughout his campaign LMO promised he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $250k/year.  The *first* thing he did in office was raise the tax on roll your own tobacco by an astounding 2,159%.  It’s a pretty safe bet RYO smokers are making a *bit* less than a quarter million bucks a year. (BTW, it was to pay for medical coverage for kids whose parents made up to $63k/year.  So the minimum wage guy trying to save a few bucks on his smokes gets to finance the larvae of $63k “poor” citizens.)

RYO tobacco producers responded by re-labeling their RYO tobacco as pipe tobacco, which received a mere 158% tax increase.  Same stuff, same bags, same tobacco, but a different name.

Congress’ is pissed that anyone dare get around their draconian increase.  Their solution is a 775% tax increase on pipe tobacco, making sure that pipe smokers get screwed so RYO smokers won’t be able to evade *their* screwing.

Is it time to shoot the bastards yet?  Seriously, how much longer should we wait?

I’m not sure how much good it will do, but here’s a petition to tell your elected scumbags to knock it off.


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