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You Wouldn’t Buy Our Shitty Cars . . . »

No comentary neccssary. This is perfect as is. Source


The Economy Just Got a Lot Worse – For Me »

My company just laid off about 20% of their workforce, and I was one of the causalities. Now I get to go job hunting in an economy that’s sinking faster than Palin’s image as a folksy soccer mom. Oh joy. This is the reality of working in IT. For every IT worker who has been […]


Really Bad Marketing »

I want to put out a newsletter, (The Smartenizer) so I’m looking at various services and sending some of them questions.  This is one of the few times I’ve clicked on the ads that appear next to Gmail messages. One was for RDH Marketing.  The link showed me a generic 404 page.  (Not even a […]


Sicko Podcast »

As promised there is now a Quick Hitts podcast that provides an extensive review of Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” It’s the Moore Nonsense” episode (#56) and you can find it here.


Big Brother and Best Buy Compete »

Big Brother and Best Buy Compete in a “Who Can Be Stupider Contest” We don’t usually get to see the internal policy manuals for companies or government agencies, so we have to guess at their contents based on the actions of their employees. Based on this article, the policy manual for Best Buy evidently states: […]