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Seattle’s Political Correctness Nearly Kills 80 Kids »

It’s not surprising that areas that don’t get snow very often are paralyzed when a snowstorm hits. You can’t fault the DPW in Tennessee for not having the equipment or experience necessary to handle a once in a decade snowstorm. But places that do experience snowfall on a regular basis should be expected to have […]

The Nanny State 2008 »

When people say “It’s a free country,” I always ask where they live, because it sure isn’t the US. I’m old enough to remember when the United States was a fairly free country, but these days just keeping track of all the assaults on our freedoms and civil rights is a full time job. And […]

Another Cry for Courage »

Sherry Jones is another victim of Islam’s attack on free speech. Her book, The Jewel of Media, tells the story of Aisha, he child bride of the pedophile profit Mohamed. The attack didn’t come directly from Muslim terrorists this time, but from a gutless University of Texas professor who saw the proofs declared that it […]

Noam Chomsky, Educated Imbecile »

Chomsky has penned yet another analysis of the world situation, and as always, he betrays a deep ignorance of just about everything. Before continuing, please read it here. Back so soon? Let’s review. He’s upset that India isn’t getting the same flack as Iran over their nuclear program. Somehow, in all his study of geopolitics, […]

Muslims v. Free Speech »

Muslims are taking time out from murdering their daughters and raping women for reading the bible to attack one of our most cherished principles: Free Speech. In 2006 Mark Steyn published an article pointing out that while civilized people are breeding at less than the replacement rate, fundy Muslims are breeding like hamsters. His conclusion: […]

Healthy Kids »

The idea of letting your kids run around the neighborhood and be kids has fallen out of fashion. Parents are expected to helicopter over their larvae every waking minute. They’re expected to have them participate in games where no one keeps score and everyone gets a trophy. Those kids are now coming into the workplace […]

Kindergarten Cop Becomes a Nanny »

Ahhhhhnold has been a pretty decent govinator, but a few days ago he stepped into the nanny role when he singed a bill that makes it illegal to sell prepared food that contains trans fat. Trans-fat is, of course, The Next Big Scary Thing That Will Kill Us All. And while warning people about it, […]