Kindergarten Cop Becomes a Nanny

Ahhhhhnold has been a pretty decent govinator, but a few days ago he stepped into the nanny role when he singed a bill that makes it illegal to sell prepared food that contains trans fat.

Trans-fat is, of course, The Next Big Scary Thing That Will Kill Us All. And while warning people about it, and requiring information about it on prepared foods make sense, once again the nanny government has overstepped their bounds “for our own good.” Such nonsense has already happened in several cities, but CA is the first state to do it (surprise surprise.)

“California is a leader in promoting health and nutrition, and I am pleased to continue that tradition by being the first state in the nation to phase out trans fats,” the governor said in a statement.

I wonder when we’ll here a governor say “My state is a leader in personal liberty, and I am please to continue that tradition by refusing to pass nanny laws.”


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  1. Didn’t the Center for Science in the Public Interest once support the use of transfats as a “healthier” alternative to animal fats?

    It seems that every time nannies, nitpickers, or whoever decides replace something unhealthy the replacement is usually just as bad or worse.

    Harley | Aug 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m don’t care enough about CSPI to look that up, but I do think they should be fined for usining the word “science” in their name. They are horrible vile people who want to use the government to force other people to live by their woo woo beliefs.

    I went to a nutritionist who insisted I should stop using butter, and switch to margarine. I explained that omelets didn’t brown right with margarine, that margarine tasted like crap and that I trusted cows more than chemists.

    Three years later the trans-fat scare hit. Vindicated!

    Dave Hitt | Aug 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. Well I found the following link at reason.tv by Drew Carey that exposes the world of Black market Bacon Dogs in LA. Funny but sad at the same time……



    Tom | Aug 13, 2008 | Reply

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