Donkey Poker

It was late and I was tired. I wanted to play some poker. But playing when you’re tired can be very expensive, so I opted for the cheapest games I could find.  I registered for two $1 Sit and Go’s, figuring I’d get $2.50 worth of entertainment out of them.  I put Pandora on my Jam Bands station and cranked the Klipsch speakers.

I intentionally played like a complete donkey. Raised on connectors in early position, called things I shouldn’t have, just splashed chips all over the place. At one point I had a V$IP of 58 and PFR of 38 on one table.  (For those of you unfamiliar with those numbers, it means I was playing and raising about three times more often than I should.)

I busted out fifth on one table, after getting second in chips for a while. I was a big chip leader at the other one (the one with the V$IP of 58).  I had nearly half the chips at the table, so I went out for a smoke. When I came back I was on the bubble.

Popped the bubble, lost my chip lead, then got it back from someone who was getting tilty. (I can’t blame him; I would have been ticked to lose money against someone playing as lousy as I was.) The remaining player took most of Mr. Tilt’s stack. I completed the kill, and both of us were left with pretty even stacks.

What followed was one of the longest, and best, heads up battles I’ve had in a quite a while. (The other player was also slumming in from higher stakes games.)  I finally won.

That was the most fun I’ve had playing poker in a long time, and I made two bucks in the process. I’ll go back to playing more seriously tomorrow, but I think I’ll do that a bit more often.  Sometimes you’ve just got to donk out and enjoy yourself.

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  1. Wow, I’ve never written about the sit & go’s cuz i figure nobody’s really feelin me. This is exactly what I do on an everyday basis. I don’t think i’m good enough to donk out purposely, but i , up until now, never saw it as a plateau, haha great post

    LLoyd Miller | Jul 20, 2010 | Reply

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