Farewell, Helen Thomas

I’ve always admired Helen Thomas, even though I vehemently disagree with most of her politics.  I liked her style, a mix of brash feistiness and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Most reporters in the White House Press room are mild little sheep that are very, very careful not to piss off the powers-that-be.  That’s understandable – no one wants to lose an easy, cushy job.

Helen, OTH, didn’t care about that.  She ruthlessly grilled presidents of both parties for decades, and refused to be snowed by BS answers and evasions.

I also admire anyone who goes to work every day at age 89.

Her recent statements about Israel were flat out ridiculous and wrong on every level.   But. . . I like her, respect her, and will miss her.  She’s was one of the last few gutsy journalists in the WH press room, and until someone else decides to follow her example, we’re all poorer for her forced retirement.

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