John McCain Gets a Dose of Karma

John McCain helped pass the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a gift to the RIAA at the expense of his constituents.  He wasn’t alone – the act passed unanimously. 

Now he’s getting to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  YouTube has been yanking his videos as soon as someone makes a copyright complaint, as required by the law he helped pass.  He thinks they should be giving political ads more careful scrutiny before pulling them.  YouTube responded with a very polite, three page letter that pretty much said, very politely, “Get Bent, Sparky.” 

Karma’s a bitch, baby. 


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  1. I agree that this is karma but I also need to ask the question as to why Youtube is so quick to remove a political video. I am sure anybody out there would not want to go through a similar problem. The DMCA is a joke but I need to ask if people are doing this to help Obama and screw McCain. I can care less about McCain but I care that this is not done to my candidate either. If Bob Barr were higher in the polls and the same was happening to him I would be suspect also (I believe he also voted yea for the DMCA).
    I think its great to point this out and McCain may be a victim of the DMCA but I also feel Google or Youtube need to be careful when it comes to political videos, especially when they are catering to politicians with their political channels.

    Tom | Oct 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Apparently either side is able to complain. I think this is great rare opportunity to be able to screw politicians with their own stupid laws.

    Now if I could just get a session of congress in which they are required to do their own tax returns with only pencil and paper…

    Don Venardos | Oct 21, 2008 | Reply

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