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First, check out this e-bay feedback page. Note the stuff this guy is selling.  The oldest feedback available there dates to Nov 22, 2006. 

Pretty impressive, right?  Guess where he got it all that fine stuff.  Your luggage. 

As reported on Gadling, this guy, paid from your tax dollars to keep you safe, had no problem ripping off traveler’s expensive items and selling them on e-bay.  If it was electronic, it became his. His best catch was a $47,000 camera.  And he did it at least 260 times.  Imagine if the TSA wasn’t secure. 

The TSA has said they’ll “look into it.” How reassuring.

Ain’t you glad the TSA is protecting you from bad guys? 


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  1. This is why I put my electronics in my carry on. This is also why people need to get a $8 TSA Lock that turns colors if it has been opened by the TSA. Also if you do have a lock like this I suggest if it has been tampered with do not touch your luggage and call security.
    We already know we can’t trust the government so its best to protect your stuff yourself.
    I personally did not want to get a TSA lock but the one that changes colors seemed like a great idea because it is not easy to cover up and anybody looking to steal something would most likely let it pass.

    Tom | Oct 19, 2008 | Reply

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