Cop Refusese to Evict Renters

Finally, a story about a good cop, although to be good he has to break the law. 

Sheriff Thomas Dart said he’ll no longer evict tenants whose landlords are not paying their bills.  He and his deputies are expected to evict people who are unaware of their landlords situation.  These people are evicted without warning, and their stuff is dumped on the street.  The sherrif, whose jurisdiction includes all of Chicago, has said “Enough.”  He’s asking for legislation to protect people in this situation, but in  the meantime, isn’t doing  the bank’s bidding.  “On top of it all, they want taxpayers to fund their investigative work
for them. We’re not going to do their jobs for them anymore. We’re just
not going to evict innocent tenants. It stops today.” Thanks, officer, for actually protecting and serving.

The bankers, who usually ignore their legal obligations to identify the tennits, are furious with him, calling him a vigilantie and saying he’s practicing martial law.  Perhaps they should take a few bucks from petty cash and buy a dictionary. 



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  1. I thought this is a great story. The renters are not at fault and deserve the full process of the law. It’s amazing that it came down to the sheriff to put a halt to this.

    It reminds me of the people who are getting their foreclosures thrown out because the bank can’t prove they are the lienholder on the property.

    Bryan | Oct 13, 2008 | Reply

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