MADD Has A Hissy Fit About GTA4

MADD is demanding that Grand Theft Auto be giving the rating of Adults Only because players can drive drunk in the game. Citing their tiresome ass numbers, they proceed to give us their standard lecture, and then “suggest” that Rockstar remove the game from the market.

Rockstar has spent an estimated $100 million developing the most eagerly anticipated game ever, and these mouth-breathers think they’ll pull it because it offends their tender sensibilities.

This story was sent to me by Mike T, via Kotaku. Mike writes, “I remembered your MADD show a while ago and am pretty shocked at how dumb these people are.” I’m not. Nannyism is a mental disease, a religious infection that makes nannies immune from reason, logic, facts, or even simple common sense.

Mike says, “I’ve had GTA since it came out and the game *really* discourages you from driving drunk. You crash a lot, (usually with others in the car, sometimes sending them to the hospital,) and it’s a great way to end up with cops chasing you.

Also, the first time I came out of a bar in the game, my cousin, (in the game,) said something like, ‘we really should get a cab. You’re in no condition to drive.'”

My guess in the MADDtards have never played the game, but are going on some report somewhere that someone heard about from someone else who told them that there’s drunk driving in the game.

Wait until they hear about the hookers. . .


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  1. These games already skew to a target market that’s an average of 34 years old and the price point ($50) also doesn’t lend itself to the teenage wallet. You’d think at some point people would realize that video games allow people an outlet to have virtual experiences (much like books) with no collateral damage. Like Mike T says, this will probably make people realize how bad driving drunk is when they’re sober, or it will give them a reason to stay home and get drunk.

    dre222 | May 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. It’s a frigging game for gods sake. Why can’t they get that through their tiny heads of theirs. Groups like MADD are not happy unless they can complain about something that most people find fun.

    Tom | May 2, 2008 | Reply

  3. MADD was created to raise awareness of drunk driving and to make sure people who were REALLY drunk or people who did it repeatedly and killed people were to get punished for being so reckless.

    The problem is that they achieved their goal and they now have about as much use as “Fathers For The Legalization of Chewing Gum”. Now they go around looking for shit to be outraged about.

    Harley | May 5, 2008 | Reply

  4. Once you achieve your goal, and find that you still have a multi-million dollar organization, the only two options are to dissolve the organization (the honest approach) or re-define your goal and keep your cushy, high paying job (the approach nearly always used.)

    When MADD was first formed drunk driving was a serious problem. It was routinely ignored by the courts, even when the drunk killed someone. That’s no longer the case. So, MADD uses ass numbers to lie about their early success and campaign for more and more stringent laws. You think they’re going to stop at the (ridiculous) .08 definition? Yeah, right. At one point they were using the slogan “Impairment Starts with the First Drink.” That has now been purged from their web site, but it gives you a good insight into their mind set. Expect to see a federally coerced limit of .05 in the future, and then complaints from MADD that we need to lower it even more.

    MADD is so out of control that when their founder tried to pull them back to reality, they fired her.

    Hittman | May 6, 2008 | Reply

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