No More Skinny French Models

While most countries are badgering their citizens to lose weight, France thinks they have the opposite problem – some of their citizens are too skinny.

New French legislation makes it a crime to promote excessive thinness. Anyone guilty faces fines of up to $70,000 dollars and three years in jail, where the food is, evidently, abundant and excellent. The law applies to all media, but the primary target seems to be pro-anna web sites which proclaim anorexia or bulimia is a good and preferred lifestyle.

I found this post on a pro anna site: “its so strange ive had like a rice cake and i feel like purging. i think im going to have to. i cant cope today!” Evidently she’s too weak to hold down the shift key.

France’s government did this after a Brazilian supermodel literally starved herself to death, lowering the country’s total IQ by nearly sixteen points.

Ladies, if you’re considering doing something as stupid as developing an eating order on purpose, please accept this observation from an average male guy type person:

Guys like women that are woman shaped. That means curvy bits, not straight lines. Breasts are sexy (we really like breasts). Visible ribs are gross. Hips are sexy. Hip bones are disgusting.

If your boyfriend gets painful bruises when he hugs you he won’t continue being affectionate. Nor is he likely to stay around if he runs his fingers down your shoulder blades and cuts himself.

So have a sandwich.


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  1. Kind of funny how Japan is trying to keep people from being fat, and France is trying to keep people from being skinny. let’s just hope they never get together and decided on the perfect weight…

    Ilya | Apr 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. Once upon a time people too stupid to eat would have died, and good riddance too. Now our governments are spending gazillions of our hard-earned dollars in ever more bizarre attempts to keep them alive. Natural selection should be allowed to do its thing.

    Bernadette in Australia | Apr 20, 2008 | Reply

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