Poison Butter, Fat Japanese and Junk Food Pushers

Evidently it doesn’t take much to be a professor in New Zealand. Or a “top public health expert,” for that matter.

Professor Rod Jackson (which would be an excellent screen name for a porn star) has declared that butter is poison. He uses the word repeatedly in his rants. He claims “We have a health tax on alcohol and cigarettes and there should be a health tax on butter. It’s the most poisonous commonly consumed food in New Zealand. It’s about the purest form of saturated fat you can eat and it has no protein and no calcium. Butter has had all the good things taken out and just left the poison.” It’s easy to picture him wiping the foam from his chin after his rant.

New Zealand is a very nanny state, but this is too much even for them. There are no plans to make this idiot’s demand into law. For now.

Japans contribution to this kind of lunacy is even worse. The government has mandated that everyone over 40 must have a “regulation size” waist of 33.5 inches. Companies are not only required to monitor their employee’s weight, but also the weight of their families. Companies who don’t comply will be fined 10% of their profits. Expect to see more fat people on the unemployment lines, and blocking the sidewalks begging for change.

There goes Sumo as a national sport.

Japan has socialized medicine.  Like all socialized medicine, it is getting difficult fund. This gives them the justification to force people to be healthy.

Meanwhile, back in the states, schools across the country are banning “junk food,” foolishly believing that all you have to do to get rid of something popular is make it illegal, because that always works so well. And everywhere this happens smart, entrepreneurial students load up their back packs with candy, soda and chips to sell to their fellow students. If they’re caught, instead of being given extra credit for their initiative and business acumen, their goods are confiscated and they’re sent to detention. I’ve yet to see an article mention what happens to the confiscated candy, but I’m guessing the teachers aren’t losing any weight.


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  1. A few years back when my high school removed soda from the lunch line, and you couldn’t use the soda machines during school hours, i started filling my otherwise unused locker with soda cans and icepacks. i didn’t get caught, and ended up making a tidy profit.

    Ilya | Apr 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sweet. Who needs the lame Junior Achievement club when you can learn, first hand, how capitalism really works?

    Hittman | Apr 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. Lots of folks around the world blame western food for people becoming fat and unhealthy. ‘Bad’ western food does. ‘Bad’ Asian food does too. Even, too much of ‘good’ food can make one fat. It’s due mostly to two things: High calorie food becoming cheaper and less physical exertion.
    For pete’s sake, sumo wrestlers get fat from eating traditional JAPANESE chanko nabe to excess. Blaming ‘western’ food is stupid. Blaming inactivity and eating too much is more on target.

    Haywood | Jul 11, 2008 | Reply

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    Tyree | Jan 7, 2009 | Reply

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