Police State Update

If you live in Boston and think your kid might have an illegal gun stashed in his room, don’t go looking for it yourself. No, that would be too much trouble, especially when Officer Friendly is volunteering to conduct the search for you.

The Boston Globe reports, “in the next two weeks, Boston police officers who are assigned to schools will begin going to homes where they believe teenagers might have guns. The officers will travel in groups of three, dress in plainclothes to avoid attracting negative attention, and ask the teenager’s parent or legal guardian for permission to search. If the parents say no, police said, the officers will leave.”

They say they’ll only confiscate the guns and won’t press charges. Unless they were used in a shooting, of course. And if they find any drugs, they’ll confiscate those too, without pressing charges. Although they might. They’ve received lessons in discretion, so parents can trust that the friendly officer will make the right decision.

A better way to invade bedroom privacy is being tested by The Huston Police department. They were caught conducting secret tests of an unmanned spy plane. They refuse to specify what they’re going to use it for, only saying they aren’t ruling anything out. They say they’ll tackle privacy and illegal search issues “later.” Check out the video from local news station KPRC.

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