Test Your Mass Mailings

Marketing failures can teach you as much, if not more, as marketing successes.

I just received an e-mail from a company I’ve done business with.  The headline was “Free Ground Shipping from <Company Name>.  I opened it and saw a very attractive ad, which I clicked.

Instead of  taking me to http://companyname.com/ it loaded http://marketing.companyname.com/ and requested a user name and password.  It looked like the prompt for the e-mail administrator.  I tried my name and password anyway, and got a very unfriendly “Access Is Denied” message.

They spent time creating an attractive advertisement. They got me to open it.  They got me to click on it. Then they got me to laugh at their incompetence, because they skipped the simple step of sending a copy to themselves and testing it.

Not too smart, folks.

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  1. It just reinforces my position that the world is made up of just a bunch of dumbasses trying to get by.

    That’s the biggest reason I think wild conspiracy theories are plain bullshit. You take a drastic turn into fantasy land when you attribute outcomes to some vast, sinister, highly planned and expertly coordinated plot rather than the more likely explanation:

    That people just have a tendency to screw things up!

    Parrot | Mar 8, 2010 | Reply

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