How to Get My Vote

Politicians, I know the only thing you like better than fat payouts from your corporate masters is using that money to buy votes. My vote isn’t for sale (although if you offer enough…) but there is an easy way to get my vote. You just have to do one thing.

I don’t care what party you belong to. There isn’t enough difference between the GOP and the Democrats to bother with and you’ve rigged the primaries to insure no other party gets a shot, it doesn’t matter. I’ll vote for anyone who does this one thing, even the Greens. (Although with their deep love of a huge socialist nanny state, I can’t imagine them doing this.)

So here it is: Give us a list of ten federal government agencies you are going to disband. Not reduce, not cut back, but completely get rid of. Revoke whatever laws authorized them, lay off all the “workers”, sell the buildings, auction off the office furniture, send their stationary and endless forms to the recycling center and set fire to everything else.

Remember how everything fell apart when Clinton disbanded the Interstate Commerce Commission? No? That’s because there were no ill effects. Hell, most people didn’t even notice it was dissolved. Unfortunately, that dissolution was an anomaly. What we need is a trend.

I don’t even care which agencies you get rid of. Sure, I have my favorites, but at this point killing any of them, even some of the little ones, would be a good start. Just be sure to kill them completely dead. Mostly dead isn’t good enough. There are too many Miracle Max’s on Uncle Sam’s payroll.

The list’s content is up to you. I’d suggest you put at least a few big agencies on it, like the Dept. of Education, the FCC and the BATF, but if you only go with the little ones to start, that’s fine too. Just present the list, any list, and devote at least half of your time in D.C. to killing them, and you’ve got my vote.

And a few tens of millions of others too.

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