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The Perfect Sentence »

So you’re sitting on your porch or walking down the street and the sights and sounds are pleasant and you’re in a good mood. Suddenly, fading in fast, you hear the thumpa thumpa thumpa of (c)rap “music” approaching. When it reaches you it’s blasting either from a black, shiny, leased SUV or a pathetic shitbox […]

Mandatory Neutering & Spychipping »

“HUNTINGTON BEACH – Huntington Beach is the first city in Orange County to consider a program that would make it mandatory for pet owners to spay or neuter and to have microchips inserted in their cats and dogs.” I’ve always neutered my pets because it’s The Right Thing To Do. I don’t spychip my pets, […]

Nanny Nation Notification – Across The Pond »

There appears to be a secret contest between the US and the UK over who can grow the biggest, most intrusive government. So far the UK appears to be winning, but the US isn’t too far behind. Here are just a few examples of recent nonsense from across the pond. “Parents who forbid their children […]

DragonCon – Talk Nerdy To Me »

DragonCon is a conglomeration of every science fiction, fantasy, fan, and uber geek conference in Atlanta. I attended for the first time last week to present the Podcast Peer Awards. There were about 60,000 people there. A little less than half were in costume. These were not cheap simple costumes, but richly elaborate, detailed clothing […]

Fan Mail »

The many sites at generate lots of e-mail. Some is complementary, some is insulting and most falls somewhere between. I enjoy it all. I’m guessing that people who send hate filled screeds think it will make me angry. The fact is I find most of them amusing and entertaining. Most hate mail comes from […]