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DragonCon is a conglomeration of every science fiction, fantasy, fan, and uber geek conference in Atlanta. I attended for the first time last week to present the Podcast Peer Awards.

There were about 60,000 people there. A little less than half were in costume. These were not cheap simple costumes, but richly elaborate, detailed clothing and props. There were characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Serenity/Firefly, various video games, The Watchmen, The Crow, V for Vendetta, The Incredibles, Steamboy, Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica, Kiss, DC comics heros (lots of Superman, Supergirl and Batman comics), Marvel comics (surprisingly few X-men, though), The 300, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Ghostbusters, and lots and lots of Fairies and Zombies.

The convention was spread across three hotels. There were dozens of tracks – writing, costuming, fighting robots, skeptics, science, the EFF, and podcasting, to name a few. Each track offered 6-8 hour long panels, shows, or meetings per day. There was no way to see more than a small percentage of what looked interesting.

I was able to meet a lot of friends I hadn’t met before (which makes no sense to people who don’t spend much time online, perfect sense to those who do) and make some new ones. I spent most of my time in the podcasting and skeptics tracks, but hit several of the others as well.

I came back tired and rejuvenated, with a camera full of pictures. I figured I’d put them up here and share the excitement and feel of the convention with you. I loaded them up, browsed through them and . . . .

They’re just pictures of people in costumes. They can’t convey the feeling, the vibe and the buzz of being there. But they’re fun, so here are a few of them. Time permitting I’ll add more later.






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  1. geek.

    johnny virgil | Sep 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. Jealous.

    Dave Hitt | Sep 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. Some serious curves on the last one! Yowzas. Love the site, Dave! It’s obvious that we’re all geeks- after all, who spends the time to figure out that the PR numbers for smoking and global warming are crap but geeks? The rest I am saddened to say, all cower in fear and say: “Save me, all powerful govt.!” “Save me from the whisps of smoke I can smell 3 blocks away!”

    a11en | Oct 28, 2007 | Reply

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