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Service Experts Ripoff »

Eight years ago, Roland J. Down, a large local company, installed a new heater and air conditioner in my home. I’ve had them do a few annual inspections since then, so a week ago, when the air conditioner died during a heat wave, I gave them a call.  The repair guy showed up on time, […]

Sanjay Sanghoee v. Libertarians »

This is in response to this article, so please read it first. There’s no excuse for this level of ignorance – he could have cured it with a ten-minute Google search or a fifteen-minute conversation with an actual libertarian. Even the URL, which contains the phrase “libertarian-tea-party,” is wrong. (Most likely, it’s an attempt to […]

I Don’t Want to Go to Heaven »

Last week the pope announced that atheists might go to heaven. To which I replied, “How dare you threaten me!”  He was wearing his pretty white dress with 24 carat gold trimmings and enough gold jewelry to make Liberace jealous, surrounded by other men wearing similarly fabulous attire. He took a break from condemning gayness […]

It Doesn’t Take A Village »

She looks harmless, but listen to what she has to say about your kids. This is Melissa Harris-Perry, a professor of political science and spokesweasel for MSNBC, telling us that your kids are not your kids – they’re everyone’s kids. And she’s not alone. We’ve been hammered with the slogan, “It takes a village to raise […]

A Decrease of the Increase »

Imagine you’re sitting in your boss’s office for your annual performance review. Your boss says you’re doing well, you’ve improved in several key areas, you’ve contributed to the bottom line of the company, but you need to work on keeping your voice down in your cubicle and try to fart less. (Oh, wait, that was […]

Responding to A+ Accusations »

Last year a group of atheists and skeptics decided that the only correct mode of thought was far left humanism and militant, man-hating feminism. They created the A+ movement as a response to those who dared to push-back against their nonsense. Their occasionally interesting blogs were transformed into cesspools of self-righteous name calling. They drove […]

Rituals »

My morning ritual starts with making a French press full of coffee. Grind the beans, heat the water… I can do it in my sleep, which is good, because before I have that first cup I’m barely conscious. The first sip from the first cup makes me feel more alert immediately, far quicker than the […]