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How Barnes and Noble Lost a Customer »

Free Clue, B&N: In today’s market no retailer can afford to piss off any customer, even one who only shops there occasionally. Shopping elsewhere is easy, cheaper, and fun. You’re barely staying alive, and this is one of the reasons.


Why Would Anyone Oppose Reasonable Gun Restrictions? »

State and Federal Legislators are trying to rush gun restrictions into law before the memory of Sandy Hook fades. It’s important they capitalize on fear, paranoia, and the innumeracy of the pubic before people lose interest and turn their attention to something else. Many of the restrictions seem reasonable, like background checks, licensing and tests […]


Turn Violent Video Games into Free Money From Dumb People »

Southington, Connecticut, thinks they have a solution to violence. They’re offering a $25 gift card for every violent video game that’s turned in. The games will be incinerated, probably just with matches, although it would be much cooler if they destroyed them with a flamethrower or a BFG. They don’t define what makes a game […]