And now for Something Completely The Same (except better looking)

Welcome to the Quick Hitts Blog, the only blog that gets you Smartenized®

I’ve been doing the Quick Hitts blog for about two years. Sometimes I’d update it once in a while, sometimes even less, because I did the whole thing by hand and, while it wasn’t difficult, it was a minor PITA and by the time I got around to posting something it was already old news. WordPress will do most of the grunt work for me, so I plan on updating it more often.

That’s the plan, at least.

You can find the old Quick Hitt’s blog here. Since most of the articles in it are topical, it didn’t make much sense to import them all into this one. Besides, it would have been a lot of work and I didn’t feel like it.

If you don’t like the Quick Hitts Blog, you most certainly won’t enjoy The
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