Dirge for a Dirtbag

Finally, after 73 years, Jerry Falwell made the world a better place, by leaving it. With his passing there is a little less evil and hatred in the world.

You can’t polish a turd, but you can put it in a two thousand dollar suit, slap a smarmy smile on it’s skull, and watch in horror as millions of moronic minions do obeisance to it. Legitimate religious leaders try to appeal to our finer qualities and inspire us to be better than we are. Falwell appealed to his follower’s worst, most base emotions, encouraging their ignorance, intolerance, and downright stupidity.

His goal in life was to tear down the wall between church and state, and he was remarkably successful. We can see his legacy as The White House, Congress, and The Supremes continue eviscerate the constitution, especially the Bill of Rights.

This is one of those very rare times when I envy the faithful, because it would be comforting, and appeal to my sense if justice, to believe that Jerry is in one of the deepest and darkest places in hell. A special a place reserved for his ilk, where the most vile and disgusting tortures are carried out, for eternity, on the most vile and disgusting creatures who have ever infested the human race.


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