The High Cost of Poverty

Last year John Edwards charged $55,000 to give a speech at University of California at Davis.The subject? Poverty.

Back in 1971 there was another Jonathan Edwards who had a #4 hit with the song Sunshine. The lyrics included:

Sunshine go away today,
I don’t feel much like dancin’
Some man’s gone, he’s tried to run my life
Don’t know what he’s askin’

He tells me I’d better get in line
Can’t hear what he’s sayin’
When I grow up, I’m gonna make it mine
These ain’t dues I been payin’

How much does it cost? I’ll buy it.
The time is all we’ve lost. I’ll try it.
He can’t even run his own life,
I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine

At least I think it was a different John Edwards.

Here’s a bit more commentary on the issue.


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