Chasing Gandpa

The setup: An old guy decides to ride his old-guy scooter on the highway.

The cops tell him to pull over. He swears at them and cranks it up to it’s maximum speed: 8 MPH.

The punch line: He got away!


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  1. Thanks Dave, I just blew Mtn Dew all over my keyboard over this, but well worth the cost of replacing the keyboard for the laugh I got. (This is the keyboard from my old computer, lacking all the bells and whistles that allow me to one touch navigate, but it will work until I can replace the other one).

    Gotta watch out for us old geezers (GOBB in my case – Grumpy Old Biker Bastard) we can be downright cranky and stubborn he heh heh.

    Jerry Thomas | Jul 29, 2007 | Reply

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