New Flash: Five out of Nine Supreme Court Justices Can READ

Today The Supremes announced, by the narrowest possible majority, that the second amendment means exactly what it says. They citied the writings of the founding fathers, and the actual language in the amendment. In short they ruled that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” means “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Scalia wrote the majority opinion, and resisted the urge to end it with “Well, Duh!”

The left is freaking out. Of course. Mayor Daily is saying “That doesn’t apply to Chicago. Nuh uh.” (Paraphrased slightly.) He finds that allowing people to defend themselves against criminals is a very frightening idea. Uber Nanny Michael Bloomburg says “fighting illegal guns has nothing to do with the Second Amendment rights of Americans.” He’s right. Americans have a right to own guns, so they’re not illegal, so Michael, how about you relax and have a cigar. Oh, wait, you’re made that impossible in Fun City. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is upset that this destroys decades of precedent. Decades of lousy, obviously wrong precedent she’s ignorant enough to agree with. Her love of nannyism is apparent in her statement, “I think it opens this nation to a dramatic lack of safety.”

Academics, gun-grabbers, far-lefties and other socialists have been making ridiculous claims about the amendment since approximately forever. They claim that “the people” is a group, but only for that amendment. All the other rights of “the people” are individual rights, but this one, somehow, is magically a group right, because they want it to be. Now when they whine and wring their hands we can just laugh at them, which is usually the correct response anyway.

The case was specifically about Washington D. C. The police chief has said it will take a few month to change their system and allow permits. Expect to see this kind of dancing all over the country. Which brings to mind the way cowboys made each other dance in old westerns. (Dance! Bang! Dance! Bang!). But I digress.

The real far-left hand-wringing will start a year or two from now, when the evidence is in and the crime rates are dropping. Criminals like defenseless victims. A high potential for victims to be armed makes a bad guy’s career choice considerably less attractive.

To anyone who doesn’t believe that will happen, I propose the following wager. Within 18 months of D. C. citizens being able to defend themselves (starting from when the Chief stops dancing) homicides in that area will drop by at least 30%. The wager is one fine cigar, or if you prefer, your choice of a refreshing beverage.┬á (Leave a comment to accept the wager.)


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  1. What is scary is that some of the deserting opinions were crazy.

    I do however find it dis-hearting that the supreme court is all over the place. The same justices that saved the 2nd Amendment today are the same that believed that it would be dangerous to give other humans other than Americans habeas corpus rights. Actually in some cases Americans have lost these rights. If we are born with our rights what difference dose it make where you are from. Although I am sure that the 5 justices in favor of habeas corpus rights did it for other reasons I still agree.

    Back to the gun issue:

    I for one can’t wait to see the gun numbers years from now. Can you imagine a DC and Philadelphia with a lower crime rate. No wager from me since I agree.

    Tom | Jun 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. “In railing against the Supreme Court ruling, Daley stressed the danger of private gun ownership, especially for the children of gun owners.”

    Wait guys. He’s right. It’s for the CHIIIIIIIIIILDREN.

    Ilya | Jun 30, 2008 | Reply

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