Silencing Studies

Most medical journals have eagerly swallowed the junk science and outright lies of the anti-smoker crowd. This makes it nearly impossible for the opposition to be heard. One exception is the American Council on Science and Health.

Michael McFadden and Dave Kuneman authored a very comprehensive study that shows the conclusions of the widely publicized Helena study are nonsense. They used widely available public data to show that smoking bans have no effect on heart attacks if the sample size was reasonable. (The Helena “study” had a sample size of forty people, and none of them were asked about their exposure to SHS.) Yet their submissions to medical journals have been either ignored or rejected. ASCH saw fit to publish their story.

Now all we need is for a medical journal to stand up to Big Pharma and publish the study itself.

If you’d like to SmartenizeĀ® yourself about the Helena “study” start here.


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