Live Free or Die Hard

You’ve probably seen the commercial for Live Free or Die Hard. It shows a car spinning through the air toward Bruce, who ducks between two other cars while it smashes down just inches from his head. This is followed by a shot of another car flying through the air and smashing into a hovering helicopter.

Both of those scenes are in the beginning of the movie. The slow part. It picks up from there.

I seldom go to the movies, because I think they’re way overpriced, but some flicks just have to be seen on the big screen. This is one of them. There is a bit of a story in there somewhere, but fortunately it doesn’t interfere with the chase scenes, vehicles smashing into each other, gun fights, acrobatics, martial arts, smart ass jokes, and lots and lots of stuff blowed up.

I love Stuff Blowed Up movies, and haven’t seen a good one in quite a while. This one explodes cars, trucks, helicopters, kittens, planes, rooms, buildings power plants and just about anything else that’s not locked down.

Just kidding about the kittens. Bruce would never hurt a kitten.

If you’re looking for some mindless fun and lots of action, see this one on the big screen while you still can.

Stuff Blowed Up

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  1. Good review.

    One quick thing, Dave. It is spelled “martial arts” not “marshal arts”.

    Harley | Jul 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. Oops. Thanks. Fixed.

    Dave Hitt | Jul 24, 2007 | Reply

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