The Sickest Thing about “Sicko”

There is much to despise in Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” Like all MM films it features a plethora of half truths and misleading numbers, a few outright lies, and it completely ignores many very important facts. Sometime in the next few days I’ll have an extensive review of it, along with a podcast. But I couldn’t wait to point out what I thought was the most disgusting thing in the film.

After his staged visit to one of the few good Cuban hospitals, he waxes rhapsodic about enemies helping each other, and then proceeds to tell us how wonderful he is:

“That’s when I heard that the man who runs the biggest anti Michael Moore web site on the internet was going to have to shut it down. He could no longer afford to keep it up because his wife was ill and they couldn’t afford to pay for her health insurance. He was faced with a choice of either keep attacking me or pay for his wife’s health. Fortunately, he chose is wife. But something seemed wrong about being forced into such a decision. Why, in a free country, shouldn’t he be able to have health insurance, and exercise his first amendment right to run me into the ground? So I wrote a check for the twelve thousand dollars he needed to keep his wife insured and in treatment and sent it to him anonymously. His wife got better and his web site is still going strong.”

“I sent it to him anonymously” is an interesting sentence. It can be true right up to the moment you say it out loud – then it becomes a lie. Moore didn’t make an anonymous contribution – he made an unidentified one, while he was filming his movie. It’s fair to assume he did it with the full intention of bragging about it in a futile attempt to make himself look good.

If it had been truly anonymous, it would have been a fine and noble thing. But broadcasting it to the entire world makes him a first class schmuck.


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  1. Sicko is an autobiography isn’t it?

    Bernie | Jul 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. The check thing seems like an unhanded thing to do, but at least it did help out the guy’s wife, so I can’t hate him too much for it.

    Harley | Jul 5, 2007 | Reply

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