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Not To Be Outdone. . . »

Nanny Nation Notification The Pig Party is one of the cruelest jokes played by frat boys. The winner is the brother who comes home with the ugliest girl. The appears to be a secret equivalent of that game among state legislators. The winner is whoever comes up with the most unworkable, unconstitutional and embarrassingly idiotic […]


You WILL Eat Healthy, Citizen. »

Nanny Nation Notification The government of Massachusetts has always been long on big brotherism and short on brains. They continue in that tradition with a proposal to ban “junk” foods from high school cafeterias, vending machines, and get this: bake sales. Before mom can bring in her cookies or cupcakes, she’ll have to send them […]


Big Brother and Best Buy Compete »

Big Brother and Best Buy Compete in a “Who Can Be Stupider Contest” We don’t usually get to see the internal policy manuals for companies or government agencies, so we have to guess at their contents based on the actions of their employees. Based on this article, the policy manual for Best Buy evidently states: […]


The High Cost of Poverty »

Last year John Edwards charged $55,000 to give a speech at University of California at Davis.The subject? Poverty. Back in 1971 there was another Jonathan Edwards who had a #4 hit with the song Sunshine. The lyrics included: Sunshine go away today, I don’t feel much like dancin’ Some man’s gone, he’s tried to run […]


Dirge for a Dirtbag »

Finally, after 73 years, Jerry Falwell made the world a better place, by leaving it. With his passing there is a little less evil and hatred in the world. You can’t polish a turd, but you can put it in a two thousand dollar suit, slap a smarmy smile on it’s skull, and watch in […]


And now for Something Completely The Same (except better looking) »

Welcome to the Quick Hitts Blog, the only blog that gets you Smartenized® I’ve been doing the Quick Hitts blog for about two years. Sometimes I’d update it once in a while, sometimes even less, because I did the whole thing by hand and, while it wasn’t difficult, it was a minor PITA and by […]